Faster, finally

I have been half heartedly pushing myself to get a bit faster recently, at least on my short runs. For me that’s under 9 minute miles for a 5 mile run. But, it hasn’t quite happened, until this morning. Here’s what I think went right. I rested the day before. Surprisingly it’s easier to run […]

Where We Run

The thing about running is, you have to do it somewhere. The place you are going to and coming from are part of the experience, even if you are only going around the block. This is why I fundamentally distrust the treadmill: it breaks this rule. Like most runners, I have a routine route. I […]

I Love Tapering

It’s common for runners to rant about hating the taper before a marathon. They complain about being twitchy, obsessive about the weather…generally nervous wrecks. But I would like to speak up for the taper. For one thing, you get a significant chunk of you life back. Saturday and/or Sunday morning are suddenly back on the […]


Well, it was a hot brutal slog, in the best possible sense of those words. I ran the Sehgahunda Trail Marathon in just over 7 hours. Gullies and mud, heat and a pissed off snake. The race is divided into 9 sections ranging in length from just under 2 miles to over 6. After the […]

Still Training…

I’m writing this on a rest day, which now that I’m almost into two months into training for Sehgahunda seems like a strange thing to be doing. Resting, that is. Two weeks ago we ran a preview of the first leg of the course. It runs along the Letchworth Gorge that runs through the park. […]

Fasting Slowly

One of the great joys of being a runner (for me, anyway) is the indulgence that comes after a hard run. It’s no stretch to say that I often run to eat. As Michael Inman has famously documented, the huge calorie deficit brought on by distance running can be joyously filled by all kinds of […]