The relay and being low-key

This has a turned out to be a somewhat aimless year for me, running-wise. Going into the year I thought I’d like to train for speed, but I ended up routinely running at a more relaxed pace with some friends on the weekends and that was more fun than stressing about splits and minutes per […]

Trail Therapy

Running affects the body in a lot of ways. Lower resting heart rate, weird chafing, pizza cravings…many of the changes are positive, but sometimes runners overdo it. A few weeks ago I decided to push my weekly mileage up to 40 miles because…well, because 40 miles a week is a lot, and pretty standard in […]

Reflecting on a Rainy Run

This weekend I ran my first half marathon of the year, the Flower City Half. I love this particular course because it runs through the neighborhood I grew up in and I think the course does a fine job of showing off my old stomping grounds…actually, my current stomping grounds as well. I haven’t gone […]

Rough Run

Yesterday I ran (and hiked, and finally trudged) the first preview run of Sehgahunda. I’ve posted before about rough runs leading up to this race, and yesterday was a humdinger. As with last time, it was muddy and cold, which makes for a miserable situation. The upside was, I had a buddy to run with […]

Two-run Weekend

Back-to-back runs are a way for runners to simulate the exhaustion of the later stages of a marathon while still maintaining focus. Also, it can be really fun to let running consume you for a weekend. There’s a certain freedom in running long distances and then collapsing on the couch for the rest of the […]

Running Fads

I like running fads. I think because running is so boring/simple, we occasionally need to pretend it’s harder than it really is.  5 toed socks have been around a while. They are popular in Japan and have caught on here a bit with folks like me for whom normal socks are just too easy.  Some […]

Shaking Off the Winter

When the dark and cold gets to be a bit much, I know the winter running doldrums have set in. There’s the long winter lull between races and the fact that morning runs involve putting on more layers than an Antarctic expedition. Getting motivated for a run after work is always a little dicey, in […]


And now for something completely different. A week ago was the 20th anniversary of Princess Mononoke, an animated Japanese movie made by Hayao Miyazaki. The movie was shown as a special release in a few local theaters to commemorate the occasion. Miyazaki’s movies are all fascinating but Mononoke holds a special place in my heart […]

Tiny Track

Sometimes winter running gets to be too much of a chore. The cold, the dark, the layers…yuck. But not running just causes irritability and binge-watching. So, maybe the treadmill? What am I, a hamster?  My neighborhood YMCA has an indoor track which is kind of the perfect solution. I say kind of because the track […]