Running Shirts Part 2

In an earlier post I ran down a few of the running shirts lurking in the bottom drawer. Here’s another one.

Gyakusou is running gear put out by Nike but put together by a Japanese fashion designer who is a runner as well, of course. It’s stylish gear and maddeningly hard to get your hands on – it always seems to be sold out five minutes before I get online, Catch-Me-If-You-Can style.

I have this shirt (and one other, gifts from my wife) and they are comfy to run in, of course. But it’s the design and message that I get a kick out of. I know part of the reason many of us run is the “zone-out”: the mental reprieve that running gives us. Running is meditative: it has gotten me through tough times, and I’m sure it’s done the same for others.

Also this shirt is fuckin’ cool. Look, there’s a wolf on it!