Where We Run

The thing about running is, you have to do it somewhere. The place you are going to and coming from are part of the experience, even if you are only going around the block. This is why I fundamentally distrust the treadmill: it breaks this rule. Like most runners, I have a routine route. I […]

Back to the start line

This spring, what with a hectic work schedule I was able to drop about five pounds pretty easily, and keep it off without much extra effort. It is pretty amazing how quickly those five pounds crept right back on as soon as teaching was no longer distracting me from food and beverages. Wait, amazing isn’t […]

Running Data

For such a simple pastime, runners seems to love to over-complicate and super-analyze every facet of information about their runs, their friend’s runs and those amazing superhumans who attempted to break the 2-hour marathon record. This arises from the  proliferation of GPS watches and smartphones that allow runners to track their performance with NSA-like precision […]

On the trail to spring.

Winter running means layers. Tights, wool socks, studded shoes, hats, gloves, headlamps…the gear piles up in my laundry nook and frustrates any attempt to stay ahead of it. There’s always another layer to wash or hang up. My Buff facecmasks take the worst beating. If you’ve never used one, they are essentially stretchy cloth neck […]

I Love Tapering

It’s common for runners to rant about hating the taper before a marathon. They complain about being twitchy, obsessive about the weather…generally nervous wrecks. But I would like to speak up for the taper. For one thing, you get a significant chunk of you life back. Saturday and/or Sunday morning are suddenly back on the […]


Well, it was a hot brutal slog, in the best possible sense of those words. I ran the Sehgahunda Trail Marathon in just over 7 hours. Gullies and mud, heat and a pissed off snake. The race is divided into 9 sections ranging in length from just under 2 miles to over 6. After the […]

Misty Morning Run

I’ve been contending with some IT band pain for the last few weeks. In the week leading up to last Sunday I rested, rolled on a foam roller and stretched but any run of over 50 minutes brought on shooting pain in my left knee. I finally picked up an IT “band”, which is essentially […]

A Bad Run

Yesterday was rough. I expected it to be and I wasn’t disappointed. Along with about thirty other lucky people I previewed the second and third stages of Sehgahunda. Throughout the training we’ve been told that “If you’re gonna blow up, better to do it on the previews!” Well, check that box. Somehow I was in […]

Still Training…

I’m writing this on a rest day, which now that I’m almost into two months into training for Sehgahunda seems like a strange thing to be doing. Resting, that is. Two weeks ago we ran a preview of the first leg of the course. It runs along the Letchworth Gorge that runs through the park. […]

Night Race

On Wednesday night I ran a short winter night race over the trails of a park near my house.   Trail running in the winter at night is a joyful combination of the usual dexterity and concentration games trails require with the added layers of bone-deep cold and the fact that at some point, I […]