Cold Trails

Okaaay…now it’s winter. It’s dark and cold all the time, and getting out to run is questionable. Winter running is all about maintaining some kind of consistency and not freezing to death. The treadmill isn’t an option, I’m not a monster. One little step I’ve taken is downloading the WTForecast app. It is not suitable for all […]

My Running Year

There’s a few more weeks left in 2017 but I’ve no more races on the calendar, so I’m calling it. From here on in it’s just maintenance until winter training kicks in. So lets have some hot toddies and reflect. What I’m Proud Of:  I wanted to run different races this year, and I did. […]

Solo Saturday Run

Normally I do Saturday morning group runs with a bunch of folks at a local running store, but this week I had to take my significant other to work. So, I ran back along the canal path into Rochester. The run did not start off well: my phone died and my ankle cramped. But I […]

Thursday morning hills

Okay, here it is: I don’t hate hills. Sure, your heart rate rises and and your legs burn, but hill training is speed training in disguise. Running up hills is actually better for your knees (less impact) and at the top it’s totally okay to take a breather. Also, early morning hills let me look […]

Wall Art

Running gets you out in the world, lets you see more of where you live. For me, that means the opportunity to check out how our cities are decorated by street artists. I don’t pretend to be any sort of expert on this, I just enjoy finding these paintings. They make convenient way posts, distance […]

Fall Trail Races

Earlier this month I ran what is usually my final trail race of the year. It’s a three day event called the Dirt Cheap Stage Race.A lot of my running friends do this race so it’s a long weekend of racing, lunches and surreptitious beers in the park. A good time is always had by […]

Running Shirts Part 2

In an earlier post I ran down a few of the running shirts lurking in the bottom drawer. Here’s another one. Gyakusou is running gear put out by Nike but put together by a Japanese fashion designer who is a runner as well, of course. It’s stylish gear and maddeningly hard to get your hands on […]

Another Great Sunrise

I have always been a morning person. In some way I think I’m fundamentally scared of the dark: I lose interest in the day once the sun is down. I’m at my best and most productive before 10am. By 9pm I turn into the old man from the movie “Up”. Running and marathon training have […]

Mendon 20K

This weekend I ran the Mendon Trail Run, a looped course that gives runners the option of a 10K, 20K, 30K or 50K. I opted for the reasonable 20K: almost a half marathon, but not too crazy. I ran the first loop hard, sprinting the downhills and pushing up every hill. My heart rate spiked […]


Running is fun, social, life-changing, inspiring…and sometimes, boring. One foot in front of the other, blah blah blah. This is why people are constantly thinking up new ways to switch running up, make it more than it is. I’m trying a running streak. It turns out a streak can go on for a very long […]