Running is fun, social, life-changing, inspiring…and sometimes, boring. One foot in front of the other, blah blah blah. This is why people are constantly thinking up new ways to switch running up, make it more than it is. I’m trying a running streak. It turns out a streak can go on for a very long […]

Running T-shirts

One way that running has affected my identity is that it has expanded my wardrobe. T shirts are part of most race packets, to the point that many runners openly race for the t-shirt. I know I have. Every year or so it gets to the point that race and running shirts literally overflow from […]

Rochester Half Marathon Report

Let me start by talking about why I shouldn’t have done this race. My IT band has been acting up. Two weeks ago it flared up during an 11-miler, right at the end, so I decided to risk it. I wore my IT band. I’m still a little jetlagged and undertrained. Almost two weeks in […]

The knee, again

On the plane home from Tokyo, I stood up to stretch and felt the tug of a tightening IT band. This has been a recurring injury for me going back almost two years to Sehgahunda training. I don’t have too many niggling recurrent injuries, so this one rather annoying. When runners are hurt, the hardest […]

Running and other notes from Japan

  These are the steps to the entrance of Rinno-Ji. They are even more steep and slippery then they look. No, I didn’t run up this. But while staggering up it, I thought Man this would suck to run up. For the last ten days I’ve been visiting my wife’s family in Japan. Tokyo in […]

Hydration VestĀ 

I have a complex relationship with my hydration vest. On one hand, it’s a comfortable efficient way to carry water, food and supplies on long unsupported runs. On the other hand, I think it makes me look like a dork.  More often than not, it’s unnecessary. Most races have frequent water stops with snacks. In […]

Rest Week

Running is energizing and exciting and fun…oh, and sometimes it’s fucking exhausting. Four 40-mile weeks in a row left me burned out, cranky and achy on a Monday morning. At first I thought, I will push through this. Two minutes later, I thought, nah, I’m gonna be lazy for a while. It was not a […]

Pacing for others

A few weeks ago I starting pacing for a local running store’s group runs. Pacing involves running at a set pace for theĀ  benefit of other folks who are training for a particular race or pace. I’ve flirted with the idea of pacing before but basically didn’t think I was experienced enough or a strong […]

Faster, finally

I have been half heartedly pushing myself to get a bit faster recently, at least on my short runs. For me that’s under 9 minute miles for a 5 mile run. But, it hasn’t quite happened, until this morning. Here’s what I think went right. I rested the day before. Surprisingly it’s easier to run […]