The Need for Speed

I’ve been listening to more running podcasts for motivation this winter. One of my favorites thus far is Running Rogue, a conversation between two Austin-based running coaches. I’m enjoying it for the motivation, the conversations about what is happening in the running world, and for the hardcore attitude of the hosts. These are guys who use phrases like “command performance” and “be a warrior”. I am not someone who aspires to “be a warrior” that doesn’t involve an xBox.

Or do I? I’ve posted before about my flirtation with with getting faster. The Running Rogue guys spent two podcasts talking about “racing with purpose”: the need for runners to have a goal statement that will sustain them in the later miles of a race. A mantra, essentially, for when the pain seeps in and we just want the run to be done. Usually around the point when a spectator yells “You’re almost there!” and I want to kick them because “almost” is the filthiest word in the English language at that moment.

I want to do a fast half marathon. I want to get into better shape, because I want to prove I am strong and in control. That last part is really where my purpose lives. I suppose that’s a whole other conversation for the therapist’s couch, but that’s my purpose.

So, how will I define a fast half marathon? My PR at that distance is 1:47 and some change, so…faster than that. I’ll set my sights on 1:45.

That said, see my tempo workout from this week above (from Strava). To run a 1:45 half, I’ll need to average 8:00 miles over the whole course. This is a lofty goal for me, but my goal race (Ithaca Gorges Half) isn’t until mid-June and the course is quite kind: mostly downhill and flat. So, that’s going for me.

This workout was encouraging for a number of reasons. I got my best 1 mile and 5K times ever (on Strava) but more importantly I held that tempo pace for 3 miles and didn’t feel exhausted after.

Also, it is still fucking frigid here in western NY. So just getting out there is an accomplishment, in my opinion.


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