My Running Year

There’s a few more weeks left in 2017 but I’ve no more races on the calendar, so I’m calling it. From here on in it’s just maintenance until winter training kicks in. So lets have some hot toddies and reflect.

What I’m Proud Of: 

I wanted to run different races this year, and I did. I kept a few favorites in the schedule, but the majority of my races this year were new to me. I ran new distances (a 25K and a 15K) and travelled with friends down into the Finger Lakes to run in places a little farther afield. Also, that’s, like, 10 course records for me!

Also, my running streak continues! 55 days and counting.

What I Want to Improve On…

Speed. I want to run a fast half marathon. Five years ago I ran one in 1:48 and I’d like to get a faster time than that. I remember that hurt, so I’ll have to make my peace with suffering. But I will be 40 this year. I’m either gonna get faster or slower, and I’d rather get faster. Going along with this, I need to be a little more selfish in my training. I can’t be hanging back with my buddies. Speed gets me to the beer faster.



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