Fall Trail Races

Earlier this month I ran what is usually my final trail race of the year. It’s a three day event called the Dirt Cheap Stage Race.A lot of my running friends do this race so it’s a long weekend of racing, lunches and surreptitious beers in the park. A good time is always had by all.

This must be early in the race. I’m smiling. 

I enjoyed this race for a lot of reasons, not the least of which was the chance to get my new Brooks Pure Grit deeply, deeply muddy. There is no greater joy (besides finishing) on a trail race than plowing through a mucky bog in new shoes.

Provided you don’t fall over. That’s the racing gods saying, “Oh you wanted mud? Well, here you go my friend.”

The joy is compounded if there’s some snobby road runner trying to pick their way around the mud pit in a some bright new road shoes. I suppose this may come across as snobby or judgmental…but it’s a great feeling to flaunt how few fucks you give as you spray trail muck on their new Nikes.

The obligatory shoe shot.

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