Running is fun, social, life-changing, inspiring…and sometimes, boring. One foot in front of the other, blah blah blah. This is why people are constantly thinking up new ways to switch running up, make it more than it is. I’m trying a running streak.

It turns out a streak can go on for a very long time, sometimes for decades. But to be included in the National Running Streak Association (yup, it exists) a running streak is running¬†at least a mile¬†every day for at least a year. My streak started on October 10…so I’ve got a ways to go.

This weekend and last weekend I was helped along by a local running shop that organized a Fall Foliage Run to admire the changing colors in Rochester’s Lower Gorge. This is a section of the city I rarely run in but it has some excellent views, including a lovely pedestrian bridge that I never have the strength to pause on due to acrophobia.

I’ve raced over bridges and along high gorges many times and I’m usually okay as long as I keep moving, but once I stop my knees get shaky and I need to start running away before I lose my nerve. Somehow running makes me feel in control.

Anyway, what’s a little bit of a panic attack for a nice view like this?


Running T-shirts

One way that running has affected my identity is that it has expanded my wardrobe. T shirts are part of most race packets, to the point that many runners openly race for the t-shirt. I know I have. Every year or so it gets to the point that race and running shirts literally overflow from my bottom drawer and my own tidiness overpowers my urge to collect and sends me to Goodwill with a bag of my least-favorite race shirts. Here’s a few that survived the latest culling.

This is a running shirt from Janji, a socially conscious running gear brand out of Boston that has some cool, funky designs. It’s a little hard to see in the picture but that’s a llama on the front. I’d like to think my running spirit animal is the deer or the wolf, but the llama is probably more accurate: grumpy, lots of spitting.

Runners World does some cools running themed t-shirts. This one calls back to the year of the first Olympics in ancient Greece. It’s a fun way to remind everyone that our simple sport is older than Jesus. So there.

Sometimes runners and racers complain about hills. Seriously. I know, I can’t believe it either. Now I understand that hills hurt the lungs and raise the heart rate, but in some ways they are beneficial for your body and the best part is, what goes up must go down. Nothing beats swooping down a hill after you’ve had to plug along to the top. Anyway, I got this shirt to remind myself that tough runners run hills.

Just don’t fall.