New Trails


I’m a big believer in routine. Resolutions and grand pronouncements are great on January 1st, but it’s the humble grind of habits and routine that get us there. For me, routine can be a crutch through hard times. My running habit has been a welcome distraction from many a stressful morning, week, or year.

That said, the mind also craves variety. When a routine becomes a rut, my brain starts looking for a way to switch things up. This feels like boredom with morning runs, a general sense of…meh. Whatever.

That’s when I start to look for ways to switch things up. Like suddenly following a trail I have run past for years and wandering around, getting a little lost. Not too lost, just a cerebellum-tickling, “oh-man-I hope this-works-out” kind of lost.

I guess my point here is that small adventures can be right in front of us. New trails, restaurants, books, relationships, whatever…all we have to do is be willing to take that sudden turn. Routine is always there to return to.


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