Rest Week

Running is energizing and exciting and fun…oh, and sometimes it’s fucking exhausting. Four 40-mile weeks in a row left me burned out, cranky and achy on a Monday morning. At first I thought, I will push through this. Two minutes later, I thought, nah, I’m gonna be lazy for a while. It was not a […]

Pacing for others

A few weeks ago I starting pacing for a local running store’s group runs. Pacing involves running at a set pace for theĀ  benefit of other folks who are training for a particular race or pace. I’ve flirted with the idea of pacing before but basically didn’t think I was experienced enough or a strong […]

Faster, finally

I have been half heartedly pushing myself to get a bit faster recently, at least on my short runs. For me that’s under 9 minute miles for a 5 mile run. But, it hasn’t quite happened, until this morning. Here’s what I think went right. I rested the day before. Surprisingly it’s easier to run […]

New Trails

I’m a big believer in routine. Resolutions and grand pronouncements are great on January 1st, but it’s the humble grind of habits and routine that get us there. For me, routine can be a crutch through hard times. My running habit has been a welcome distraction from many a stressful morning, week, or year. That […]