Where We Run

The thing about running is, you have to do it somewhere. The place you are going to and coming from are part of the experience, even if you are only going around the block. This is why I fundamentally distrust the treadmill: it breaks this rule.

Like most runners, I have a routine route. I run along the Genessee River Trail near my house. Honestly the location of this trail is the main reason I like living where I do. In one direction I can run through quiet parks and see foxes, deer and opossums swimming across the river (only the ‘possum was swimming). In the other direction I can run into downtown, over footbridges and past office building,¬† libraries and folks waiting for the bus that always say, “Good morning.”

I have seen this place in all the seasons, seen it change and return to what it was. Of course sometimes it gets boring, or rather I get bored of it and go off and run in another part of the city, or in trails far from my neighborhood. But I always come back to the River Trail.


5 thoughts on “Where We Run”

  1. Nice! I’ve got the same kind of thing going with “my” section of the Erie Canal section, through Fairport and Pittsford. Do you have any races on the calendar?

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