The relay and being low-key

This has a turned out to be a somewhat aimless year for me, running-wise. Going into the year I thought I’d like to train for speed, but I ended up routinely running at a more relaxed pace with some friends on the weekends and that was more fun than stressing about splits and minutes per mile.

But my other resolution was to run new races, and in that respect I’m doing better. One of my main events was the Sehgahunda Relay. I signed up with a few other folks to run Sehgahunda as a team. Last year I did the full and this race is a monster, so this year I wanted to take it easier. I race the first and third legs of the race, for a total of just over 12 miles.

Pre-race dinner: tempura carrots and somen noodles.

My teammates and I leapfrogged along the course, driving from checkpoint to checkpoint to hand off the race bib our team shared. I got to see other friends complete the race, some for the first time, without absolutely exhausting myself.

The Sehganhunda course dips in and out of the Finger Lakes Trail. It’s a lovely grind of gullies and streams.

Running the relay let me relax and enjoy the lovely day we had (cool and sunny, perfect for racing) without feeling completely wiped out.

The race course offers amenities like collapsed footbridges and plenty of mud.

Of course, it wasn’t just a jaunt in the woods. There were hills, mud and muck to drag my legs down and push my heart rate up. But racing for my teammates gave the run an immediacy that the full solo race didn’t have. Bottom line, it was fun!

The best part is, that’s not all mud. A lot of the course is downhill from horse and cow pastures…

And even though I didn’t cross the finish line myself, I laughed and applauded for my friends and teammate who did.


Another benefit of doing the relay was, I was able to do a fun 5k with my better half the very next day. Running the relay let me enjoy the weekend with family and friends in a way that the solo would not have.




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