Two-run Weekend

Back-to-back runs are a way for runners to simulate the exhaustion of the later stages of a marathon while still maintaining focus.

Also, it can be really fun to let running consume you for a weekend. There’s a certain freedom in running long distances and then collapsing on the couch for the rest of the day, knowing you have to do it all over again the next day. It justifies some epic bouts of laziness.

Saturday run summary. Over 1000 calories = I can eat anything I want!

Saturday’s run was slow and chatty. Being able to talk is a good way to make sure you are going slow enough to build endurance. Many runners do their slow runs too fast and their fast runs too slow (here’s a good article about pace) and I’m certainly guilty of that. Somehow I think running faster will make time go quicker as well.

In running longer, slower runs the last few months, I’ve seen my endurance and recovery time improve dramatically. I used to run hard and then crash hard. Now, I can run over ten miles and then just go on with my day.

Sunday run summary. Less than 1000 calories – eat healthy. Damn it.

Sunday was a somewhat different animal. The plan was to do 3o minutes slow, 30 minutes at “tempo”, a hard but comfortable pace that build speed over distance, and finally another 30 minutes slow. Here’s what that looked like:

From Strava.

Obviously I’m still no speed demon, but this was also run on trails so I held back a bit more than I might on roads for fear of tripping on roots or surprising a bear.

So over two days I covered just about 19 miles and nearly doubled my weekly total. Now I need a nap.




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