On the trail to spring.

This is what passes for “bright and early” in a WNY February.

Winter running means layers. Tights, wool socks, studded shoes, hats, gloves, headlamps…the gear piles up in my laundry nook and frustrates any attempt to stay ahead of it. There’s always another layer to wash or hang up.

My Buff facecmasks take the worst beating. If you’ve never used one, they are essentially stretchy cloth neck and face tubes. They’re more versatile than balaclavas and come in all kinds of cool patterns and colors. Basically another chance for runners to spend money.

As a glasses-wearer, I have two options: cover my nose and risk death as my eyewear quickly fogs over and renders me blind, or uncover my nose and transform my buff in a gigantic elastic handkerchief. I usually choose snotcatcher because that’s better than running into trees.

Still, there are signs of hope. Today as I finished my loop through the trails the sun was peeking over the horizon. The sky was grey and misty of course, typical for this time of year, but I turned off my headlamp as I finished my morning loop.



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