Shaking Off the Winter

I ran in a very long circle to get this picture.

When the dark and cold gets to be a bit much, I know the winter running doldrums have set in. There’s the long winter lull between races and the fact that morning runs involve putting on more layers than an Antarctic expedition.

Getting motivated for a run after work is always a little dicey, in that I’m lazy and don’t want to run after work. So the trick is to switch things up and shake off the winter ennui. New routes, new races, new gear. Or new routes.

A friend hosted a long (14 mile) run around Irondequoit Bay, an offshoot of Lake Ontario. I barely even ran the week before but actually got through the run feeling pretty good. We took it slow and easy and the next day I was sore but satisfied. I made a running plan for the week, looked ahead on my race calendar and felt better. The weather was warming up, January won’t last forever and afternoon runs aren’t so bad.


One thought on “Shaking Off the Winter

  1. Hey, only 4 more months if this stuff LOL! I’ve done that 14 mile route around the bay before – nice run! I’m doing the freezeroo races to keep focused. Keep rolling! Spring will eventually get here!

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