Running in the Cemetery 

This should have been a Halloween episode but oh well. It’s no Treehouse of Horrors, but I love running through the cemetery near my house. It’s this lovely old Victorian boneyard with crumbly crypts and small hollows that seem like somewhere Gorey might have sketched.  And there’s history. That makes the nerd part of my […]

Autumn Trails

In fall the leaves change and fall in lovely oranges, yellows and reds to coat the ground and camouflage roots and rocks. Trail running becomes even more pretty and potentially disastrous.  This was also my first run with a GPS watch. I’ve resisting using one for a while but I finally gave in. I’ve tracked […]

Marine Corps Marathon 

Well, it didn’t go well. Let’s start at the end. I completed the Marine Corps Marathon in 5 hours and 25 minutes.  Halfway through, my old IT band went crunch and said, Slow down asshole.  From then on it was a run-walk situation, which was not how I wanted this race to go. I stopped […]