I Love Tapering


It’s common for runners to rant about hating the taper before a marathon. They complain about being twitchy, obsessive about the weather…generally nervous wrecks. But I would like to speak up for the taper.

For one thing, you get a significant chunk of you life back. Saturday and/or Sunday morning are suddenly back on the table. Remember those non-running spouses, children or friends? You can spend time with them now!

Or, how nice is it to not feel beat-up all the time? Others say “jittery”, I say “no longer exhausted”.

Of course you still have to watch what you eat, but the constant fear of how eating something new may interrupt your long weekend runs is gone. If you’re not spending 4-5 hours running on a Saturday morning, your Friday options are way more open.

All in all, the taper is the time to rest, reflect, and find your next race while you savor all your hard work.



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