Occasional Vegetarian…sorta.

This is okonomiyaki: Japanese pancakes made with cabbage and a bit of bacon, fried zucchini on the side.

The first few weeks of my “occasional vegetarianism” have made me feel occasionally more self-satisfied and superior to those around me, which is really the point of all this. Also meat has snuck in a bit around the edges, like the bacon in my okonomiyaki…or just crashed the party, like with the yogurt-marinated chicken.

Okra spaghetti

Yup, my lovely wife made okra spaghetti. Okra doesn’t get a lot of attention but the seeds added a nice bit of crunchiness. Oh and there was bacon too. Oh well. Its all about balance, right?

Yogurt-marinated chicken over salad and naan bread. Look, I’m not perfect.

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