Mizuno Hitogami Shoe Review

I used to run in minimal shoes until it started to take me twenty minutes to stand up because my Achilles’ tendons were so tight. Since moving to thicker road shoes I’ve missed the Mercury-light sensation of road running in minimal shoes, less so the “being crippled” part.

The Mizuno Hitogami is a nice semi-return to a minimal feel. It felt good with and without socks. I know it’s better to run in socks but the Hitogamis are light enough that I didn’t feel like my feet were swimming rather than running. The shoe has a minimal drop but is still fairly supportive as well.

I liked these so much that when my wife bought me a second pair as end-of-school-year present I was just as excited to go running in my new pair.

Summary: light but solid trainer or racer, get two and make yourself twice as happy.


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