I Have To Lose Weight So I Look Better In My Hydration Vest (…and get faster, blah blah blah)

Well, I got some race pictures back from the Battle at Bristol and no wonder the race was so tough, I was hauling a spare tire up and down that course! I’ve made noise about slimming down but now it’s getting serious. I’m doing more races and those race pics are popping up all over Facebook. If all this running isn’t going to translate into me looking good on social media, what’s the point?

However, the problem is, I love to cook and eat. Runners often make a lot of noise about how they can eat anything guilt-free because of their weekly miles. My metabolism doesn’t work like that. It seems to take a “less is more” approach to the whole fat-burning thing.

Pancakes from scratch: save money on mixes, better for you.

Posting pictures of food is obnoxious…but also fascinating and motivating. It’s more about the “poster”, really. It makes us more reflective, or something.

Ramen noodles with veggie stir-fry. Boil the soup separately to cut the salt content.

So I’m posting what I ate today in an effort to be more mindful of what I’m consuming and (hopefully) keep track of how I go about losing some weight, ideally between 7 and 10 pounds. I’ll be running to Marine Corps Marathon at the end of October so that makes a convenient goal. My goal is to stay away from “diets” and instead think about how to “tweak” my eating habits to get the result I want.

Also I just like posting pictures of food.

When eating out I’m choosing vegetarian options. And lots of salsa.

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