Running Early When It’s Hot

Like some, if not most, runners I dread the heat. Hot runs mean even more sweat, which leads to chafing and stinging showers and the dreaded “bloody nipples” a la Andy Bernard.

The roads and sidewalks become strips of heat-retaining foot grills. Cities and town tend to hold more heat which means summer heat accumulates…or at least it does in my head.

Point is, I end up running early and on trails as much as possible. Early runs on trails let me meander, stay in the shade and off the hot concrete. There’s more wildlife and less litter.And I get to stop for a smoothie on the way home.

See the deer? She was not at all impressed.

It’s probably no surprise that getting out into a natural setting is proven to be good for your brain. While I love city living I know that green spaces take the edge of our jagged nerves. As do follow-up smoothies.

I took a picture of this pond because I kept thinking an alligator would pop out. It didn’t happen, sadly.

Of course, trails and nature have their own hazards, like ticks and bug bites and scrapes and slivers and bad cell phone coverage. But life without a little thoughtful hazard is boring, and anyway runners should be a bit hardened.

10 miles-ish, nice and easy. And the cell service wasn’t even that bad, obvioulsy.

Getting off the roads in the summer breaks up training and doesn’t have to impact speed. Trail runnning makes for a more mindful workout, in my opinion. Just be sure to treat yourself to a smoothie after.


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