A Bad Run

Yesterday was rough. I expected it to be and I wasn’t disappointed. Along with about thirty other lucky people I previewed the second and third stages of Sehgahunda. Throughout the training we’ve been told that “If you’re gonna blow up, better to do it on the previews!” Well, check that box.

We were downhill from a farm. That’s probably not all mud.

Somehow I was in trouble from the very beginning. My toes seemed to find every root and stone. I felt like I couldn’t relax on the trail. I was concerned about losing the trail, keeping up with my friends and whether or not I could physically complete the trail. The plan was to run “out and back”, doing both legs forwards and backwards for a grand total of 18 miles and change. Basically, the trail got in my head.

I fell early and discovered the upside of mud: it’s soft. That’s a good thing because I got to test the comfort level of the muck in several other locations as well. I ended up looking like I had been hunting for crayfish and been pulled in and beat up by the crayfish instead.

I forgot to run my own race. I wanted to keep up with some folks, or run with other group, so I held back when I should have pushed and pushed when I should have held back. I was tense and didn’t listen to my own body. Even after I returned home I couldn’t calm down and enjoy the post run lethargy that is normally my reward. I was jittery, worried about my mistakes and my physical condition. I’ve read about mindfulness for endurance athletes (or wannabes, my case) and I think I needed a good dose of Zen in this case.

See? Parts were really beautiful!

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