Running hurt and getting better.

As a runner over the past 15 years I’ve stretched, strained and otherwise aggravated most of the joints and tendons in my body. As many sedentary* folks will gleefully inform runners, running can be incredibly hard on the body. Especially the knees. Endurance running naturally involves pushing through pain, making pain your friend, wrapping pain […]

A Bad Run

Yesterday was rough. I expected it to be and I wasn’t disappointed. Along with about thirty other lucky people I previewed the second and third stages of Sehgahunda. Throughout the training we’ve been told that “If you’re gonna blow up, better to do it on the previews!” Well, check that box. Somehow I was in […]

More Races

Event races sometimes hold lotteries to choose their entrants. Lotteries give everyone a shot but limit the field so the crowds don’t get out of control. So when my younger brother suggested we enter the lottery for the Marine Corps Marathon in October, I wasn’t overly concerned. Until we got in. Even though I have […]