Still Training…

“Ah, my old enemy…stairs.” -Po, Kung Fu Panda

I’m writing this on a rest day, which now that I’m almost into two months into training for Sehgahunda seems like a strange thing to be doing. Resting, that is.


Two weeks ago we ran a preview of the first leg of the course. It runs along the Letchworth Gorge that runs through the park. The course curves around gullies that cut down to the gorge in ascending difficulty, such that as the race progresses runner face higher and steeper climbs. But the views area spectacular.

Still, most of my training is done on city streets and parks, which is why signs like this are irritating.IMG_3234

Obviously I just went around it, but this blase way the pedestrian option is just cut off is irritating. It’s a small stone-in-the-shoe reminder of how American cities don’t give a shit about transportation that doesn’t burn fossil fuels. But it didn’t stop me from running. So there.

Fries? Only if they are beef-fat fried. Oh they are? Yes please.

I’ve been a little frustrated by how little weight I’ve lost so far, and this may have something to do with it. I’ve heard it called “The Reward Fallacy”: the idea that if you do something good (run 10 miles) you can indulge (eat all the burgers and fries you want). That might have been okay when I was 21. Still, man does not live by bread alone. Nope, sometimes he need ketchup and fried meats. Yes, I’m sure that’s what that quote is about.


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