Winter Training

Yeah, snow! This will be extra painful!

Winter has hit hard here in western NY, which has made training difficult and motivation as endangered as a bunny rabbit at a velociraptor convention. But in this case, the velociraptor is my couch and a thick comforter.

Still, that race is out there, waiting like a T-Rex (not sure why all the dinosaur similes…I did see Jurassic World twice…) to gobble me up. It’ll be here sooner than I think and it’s quite merciless…again, like a…you get the idea.

So I did head out to run some winter trails this past week. There was a heavy storm that blanketed the park in a hush and the snow blocked out the cars even a few feet away and made the whole experience deeply spooky.

Also, running in the winter requires layers. One of the first aspects of running that attracted me was the simplicity: shoes, shorts and a t-shirt. Maybe a watch. But I started running in semi-tropical Tokyo, where snow is rare and trails are even more so. TRails shoes, wool socks, face scarf, hats, gloves, inner and outer and outer outer layers…it adds up. Of all of it, I would say wool socks are the biggest revelation. Even if they get a little damp (did I say “if”? I meant “when”?) they keep my feet warm.

Running through other people’s tracks let me pretend I was in a James Fenimore Cooper novel.

The main draw of winter running for me is the sense of beating my way through all that and getting out there, wherever “there” is. Winter trails are not for wimps, and I’m no wimp.

Miles: quite a few…

Weight: not much change


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