Keep It Simple


I enjoy creative graffiti as much as the next person. This little addition to a simple street sign was a good reminder that the best approach is often the simple one, which was certainly the case this week. As I’ve slowly ramped up my miles in my Sehgahunda pre-training, I haven’t been losing weight like I used to. This isn’t (only) a vanity concern: the lighter I am, the faster I run and the easier it is for my heart and lungs to keep pushing me forward. After a few disappointing steps on the scales, I had to step back and admit that I would have to modify my diet.

I would not say I’m dieting. That way lies madness. A few common-sense changes to my eating and drinking habits made a big difference. Alcohol is a major culprit. Cutting beer and wine on school nights reduced my sugar and calorie intake, and I slept more deeply as well. Morning salads are common in my wife’s homeland of Japan, and it’s kind of the perfect time of day anyway: you’re half awake and you get all that lovely ruffage to…ahem…clean the pipes, as it were.

This weekend I did some more trail running with a group from the local running shop. Winter trail running lends itself to excesses of gear that drive the profit margins of Nike and New Balance. My new trail shoes kept my upright, despite the dire warnings from our group leader that we needed “extra traction” like spikes or yaktrax. So there, knowledgeable and experienced trail runner guy. Let’s hear it for dumb luck and a slow pace.

I took this picture so I could catch my breath. It’s like Where’s Waldo, but for trails. 

Miles run: 12 on the treadmill, 11 on the road or trail.

Weight: down another pound and a half.


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