A Two-Run Day


The first week of my training for Sehgahunda had its ups and downs. What I’m saying is, I ran a lot of hills this week.

Now that the weather has turned cold and windy, I’m back in on the treadmill at the YMCA. I am not a fan of the treadmill due to the way it completely removes the joy of running but I’ve been working on building my endurance by keeping my heart rate low. The treadmill has one of those handy-dandy heart rate monitors in the grips that makes monitoring your heart rate easy, with the added benefit that it could pull me off balance and whip me into the exercise equipment like a sweaty bullet.

But besides the treadmill I did an evening workout as well led by a trainer from a local running store. Night running in the winter is a little like gearing up to fight Ebola: layers, headlamps and the sure and certain knowledge that it could end really badly. But it’s also really exciting: “Is that a root? Oh shi-!”Since Sehgahunda is all trails, I know I need to get out there as much as I can.

On the nutrition end, there was not much good news. Genesee Brewing decided to release their delicious spring Bock Beer in January and the wife started using her new bread machine to make all kinds of sweet buns.

Miles: 9 on treadmill, 15 on road, track or trail

Weight: no change from last week.



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