River walk

One of the best features of the neighborhood I live in (at least in my dog’s opinion) is the close proximity of a nice walking path that follows the Genessee River into downtown Rochester. In winter the path quickly becomes a tundra-like expanse unexplored by sidewalk plows and humanity. But once spring reluctantly creeps back into the area it quickly becomes an excellent area for early morning strolls and the hot pursuit of squirrels and geese. For dogs. And maybe some people. Whatever.

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Now the Genessee is murky and in the spring the melting snow reveals three months of litter. But the sun is out and the geese are back, which means that Coco really gets to stretch her legs. There are sticks to toss, play tug-of-war with and consume. Always a bad decision that comes back to haunt the dog, yet she never learns her lesson.

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All in all, it’s pretty exciting for both of us. On the way back Coco is so worked up she decides to play “Tug the Leash” which turns into “Walk Your Own Damn Self”.

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Later I’ll meet a friend to run on the path and we’ll make a long loop through the University. There might be rowers on the river or cyclists to dodge and make fun of. But for now it’s good to be out in the sun with my dog, enjoying the the first days of spring.


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