DIY Noodles

My wife is an excellent cook. Like, the kind of person who watches Iron Chef, says, “I could do that…” and means it. I am definitely the sous chef in the food-preparation arena of our relationship. Although she can make elaborate Japanese, Chinese, or Korean dinners (sometimes all three in one) the aspect of her cooking superpowers that impresses me the most is how she can whip up spectacular dishes with remnants from the fridge and the back of our pantry.

Recently I found myself at home alone on a Saturday afternoon, hungry and hunting through the (empty) fridge, I thought, “Maybe I should order a pizza.” Okay, that’s not even sous chef.

Luckily I encountered some udon noodles and remembered how excellent they had been for lunch the week before. And I thought, the Internet and I are up to this.

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Ingredients: udon noodles, green onions, the end of a cucumber, 1 egg and Japanese tsuyemen (noodle soup).
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I peeled and sliced the cucumber as a cooking snack. This is another great habit I picked up from my wife: cooking and snacking at the same time. It takes the edge off. The green onions were a little wilted but I washed and trimmed them.
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I set water to boil in a pot and more water in the kettle for the soup. It’s supposed to be more healthy to make the soup from fresh water – no chemicals or salt from the noodles.
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Udon are Japanese style buckwheat noodles. They’re healthy and filling. Also they tend to come in pre-packaged bundles. None of the “oops I made enough pasta for an army” issues that plague me with spaghetti preparation.
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This pictures a little blurry because once everything got into the water it was a little hectic. Noodles, green onions and egg all went in together. I love having an egg with my ramen or udon. I just broke the egg and dumped the egg into the boiling water! I never quite believe it’s gonna work but it always does.
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And…it worked! Th eoodles were a little over cooked and the egg was a tad runny in the center, but I took one small step towards culinary creativity.

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