An Unexpected Benefit of Running

Here in Rochester we are prepared for the zombie apocalypse.

In the winter I often run in Mount Hope Cemetery, an excellent collection of hills, quirky trails and well-plowed roads that run around a large collection of graves. It’s peaceful and not as creepy as it sounds. On my route to the cemetery there is a electrical utility box (okay, it probably has a technical name I don’t know…sorry) painted as a Zombie Apocalypse Station.


Since I love The Walking Dead this is always amusing to me. I enjoy the good humor, but even more I think it’s important that someone took the time to make the city a bit more colorful – literally. This could be any other gray box on a street corner, anonymously delivering electricity. Don’t get me wrong, that’s important. But now, it not only fulfills it’s technical function, it brightens up the street, and makes people laugh and stop.

That’s and unexpected benefit to running: you get to see and appreciate these things that wizz by when you’re in a car. Of course this also applies to cycling, walking your dog…or just walking. It’s surprising how much those little panes of plastic and metal cut you off from the world.

I enjoy this reminder that the world is not always as scary as we think it is.
I enjoy this reminder that the world is not always as scary as we think it is.

It’s easy to believe the world is a terrible place when you stay inside and only listen to the nighty news. But it also has electrical boxes (ok, what IS that thing called?) painted to look like Zombie Survival Kits and other wonderful, funny things if we get out into it and look around.


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