Fasting Slowly

One of the great joys of being a runner (for me, anyway) is the indulgence that comes after a hard run. It’s no stretch to say that I often run to eat. As Michael Inman has famously documented, the huge calorie deficit brought on by distance running can be joyously filled by all kinds of unhealthy treats.

Na zdrowie!

Take pierogies and sausage, for example. And take some more…this is the kind of food that used to fuel hard-working Eastern Europeam farmers as they toiled all day for their feudal overlords. No wonder their revolutions were so energetic: those folks had energy to burn. Now they are an insane indulgence, unless you’ve run seven or eight miles that morning. In which case you can tell yourself, “I deserve this, and a big slice of apple pie too!”

Of course there are healthy options. My wife swears by natto, which a Japanese treat that is healthy, cheap, filling and good for your digestion. The only downside: it’s made of fermented soybeans. And that’s as tasty as it sounds. Natto is one of those foods that you have to be raised on to truly appreciate, like Vegemite or root beer. T

Displaying IMG_2393.JPG
Ah natto…I am firmly convinced this food is based on a dare…

Recently I’ve been trying some intermittent fasting. The idea is to periodically (every few days) eat very little (around 600 calories) and then return to a normal diet the next day. Supposedly this resets your metabolism and makes it more efficient. Whatever. I think this is great because it’s the diet equivalent of distance running: hardship rewarded with indulgence.


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