River walk

One of the best features of the neighborhood I live in (at least in my dog’s opinion) is the close proximity of a nice walking path that follows the Genessee River into downtown Rochester. In winter the path quickly becomes a tundra-like expanse unexplored by sidewalk plows and humanity. But once spring reluctantly creeps back […]

DIY Noodles

My wife is an excellent cook. Like, the kind of person who watches Iron Chef, says, “I could do that…” and means it. I am definitely the sous chef in the food-preparation arena of our relationship. Although she can make elaborate Japanese, Chinese, or Korean dinners (sometimes all three in one) the aspect of her […]

Fasting Slowly

One of the great joys of being a runner (for me, anyway) is the indulgence that comes after a hard run. It’s no stretch to say that I often run to eat. As Michael Inman has famously documented, the huge calorie deficit brought on by distance running can be joyously filled by all kinds of […]