This is what surrendering to winter looks like:

Displaying IMG_2406.JPG
yes there is a car under there

About a year ago I posted a list of things to do in the winter when everything else has been done. I am afraid I have done everything on that list, and there is no end in sight. So here’s some new ideas.

Dig Out An Old Board Game and make up new rules. Possibly involving alcohol. Imagine planning Risk if you could have a beer after every battle you won.

Go To The Library. They will let you just sit around and read! No food though…you’ll have to sneak in your own. Get one of those private study rooms.

Shovel Out A Neighbor. Then, use the snow to bury the cars of the idiot college kids living down the street. You might want to do this early.

Make a snowman. In the yard of someone you don’t know. That will be a surprise. Especially if you give the snowman two heads.


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