The Snowy Day

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Good morning: can you find your car?

The first rule of snow day is don’t talk about snow day. Every time the weather reports gets histrionic teachers start hoping. Unfortunately here in western New York the weather reports are apocalyptic on a daily basis between November and April. I have found that the best way to cope is simply not to get my hopes up. But every once in a while…

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“hey buddy, you missed a spot”

Of course, once we have the good news, the cold (really cold) hard reality sinks in: you have a whole lot of snow to shovel. For me this is a job best accomplished with lots of help from Coco, who assists me in being entertained by chasing after every shovelful I toss. Some I toss at her.

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that shovel is about four feet long, just for scale

Shoveling snow is one of those tasks best accomplished through a mindset of cheerful despair. After all, there will be more, soon, so one could make a valid point that it’s pretty pointless and we should just pack it in and go have some hot chocolate. Still, putting it off will only make it worse later on. Better just to get on with it. It’s not like I have to go to work, anyway.


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