Plenty Potato Pancakes

I got this book for Christmas:

The title got my attention, ’cause its what I like. The book is basically food porn, which I really appreciate. There are pages and pages of awesome vegetarian recipes…wait. no. I don’t want to be a vegetarian. But…the food really looks good. And I know I need to eat healthy.

Displaying IMG_2360.JPG
potatoes on the chopping block, no fingers lost yet

So, we made sweet potato pancakes. It involved steaming chopped up sweet potatoes. I have never steamed anything, but it mainly involved introducing steam to the potatoes. Not too tricky.

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This was the clearest pic I could get. Steaming vegetables takes a while when you keep opening the pot.

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After the sweet potatoes were soft enough to mash up with my hands, we mixed them with flour, hot peppers and soy sauce. Then, we fried them in lots of butter. Well, if there wasn’t gonna be meat, at least there was butter.

Displaying IMG_1542.JPG

Topped with a sour cream and green onion sauce, they were pretty tasty. Accompanied by Bock beer they were even better. Now I’m not saying I will be going completely vegan here, but it did make me feel awfully righteous.


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