Noodles, the New Year, and a Resolution Run

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My wife and I celebrated New Year’s Eve in a way that celebrated each of our cultural backgrounds: we ate a bunch of buckwheat soba with tempura, watched some “Big Bang” episodes and some of the incredibly uncomfortable banter between Kathy Griffin and Anderson Cooper, and were in bed by 10.

By the way our cultural backgrounds are:

My wife: Japanese

me: couch potato

Soba is a traditional Japanese New Year food. The long noodles are supposed to symbolize a long life in the coming year. Any possible benefits they might impart were probably overtaken by the awesome amount of tempura shrimp and vegetables we consumed, but that didn’t stop us.

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Finish line.

The next morning I ran a “Resolution Run” run by the local track club through the “rolling hills” south of Rochester. “Rolling hills” sounds peaceful and fun when you’re reading about them on the race website or driving over them, but when you’re running over them, they suck. I know hills are great training and make us faster, blah blah blah. Hill suck.

Anyway, I know I wasn’t the only one running this morning.

I know we’re supposed to make resolutions for the New Year, and a few posts ago I talked about losing weight. I ‘ll be continuing on with that plan. But first, I have a ton of tempura leftovers to get through.

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Happy New Year!

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