Way to be accurate

The same day as the whole story in Ferguson unraveled, CNN.com posted this story about “Japanese lawmakers” criticizing Rand Paul. Naturally I had to read more because I like to keep up on what’s going on in Japan. I wondered what Japanese lawmakers would even have to say about Rand Paul, since those two would seem to be on separate tracks and have little to do with each other.

What was upsetting to me is not Paul’s comments (comparing Obama’s executive action on immigration to the forced internment of Japanese Americans during World War Two)…well, that is upsetting, because it’s inaccurate and foolish.

What was particularly annoying was the fact that the “Japanese lawmakers” CNN was referring to were American members of Congress who happened to be of Japanese descent. So it is factually inaccurate to refer to them as “Japanese lawmakers”. I know it’s no great insight to say that the news media in the USA has gone to hell, but this was just…lazy. It was dumb, and insensitive in it’s own right. The first line of the article does clarify that they are writing about Japanese American people, but the headline does all the damage.

It’s one more way the national news media contributes to the confusion in our national debates, instead of clarifying them.


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