Pre-race jitters and dealing with the treadmill

In the midst of this lovely fall foliage Coco managed to find some abandoned Halloween candy. Mmmmm, two day old Starburst…

On my morning walk with the dog I was very aware of my feet. I monitored my ankles for signs of tightness and unusual twitches. Later I went to the YMCA and ran on the treadmill. I stretched afterwards and there was some tightness in the top of my foot. When I got home I iced it right away. I iced it, examined it for signs of swelling, iced it again, wiggled my ankle, told myself I was being oversensitive and started writing this post. Then I got up to get the ice pack again.

Next weekend I have a race. Actually there are three races over two days. I think this hyper-awareness of the state of my lower legs is more exhausting than the actual running. I’ve upped my mileage on the treadmill over the past week and ran five miles outdoors yesterday, and it didn’t hurt too much.

I usually hate the treadmill, but I have begun to warm up to it as gets colder and colder (hehe…see what I did there?). Running outside on the weekends seems to maintain my edge (such as it is) while the hamster wheel I mean treadmill helps me rack up the distance. In no particular order here are my treadmill boredom busters.

1. Taking my heart rate every five minutes. I know it’s not accurate, but it’s interesting when the reading from the left hand is different from the right.

2. Playing with the incline. Imagine you’re sprinting up a wall like a ninja!

3. Doing the same courses on video screen over and over and naming all the people in them.

4. Lunging forward, hitting the emergency stop button by accident and almost face-planting into the display and/or being sucked under the machine like a surfer in a riptide.


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