Way to be accurate

The same day as the whole story in Ferguson unraveled, CNN.com posted this story¬†about “Japanese lawmakers” criticizing Rand Paul. Naturally I had to read more because I like to keep up on what’s going on in Japan. I wondered what Japanese lawmakers would even have to say about Rand Paul, since those two would seem […]

List Life

I am a compulsive list-maker. I find it really comforting to write down what I have to do, then cross each thing off as I complete it. I think it comes from being a procrastinator: making a list gives me the comforting illusion of accomplishment. Listing my ideas for writing, for teaching, for places to […]

Two days of running, and recovery

This weekend was the Dirt Cheap Stage Race, three races over two days. It’s called Dirt Cheap because (a) its cheap to enter and (b) the trails are mucky, sometimes knee-deep. It’s a special race(s) because it’s tough and usually falls around the anniversary of me having a surprise cerebral hemorrhage. Nothing inspires more confidence […]