Back to running, slowly…


Okay, so the first week of this fall/winter shape-up idea has gone well. I have run a total of 12.56 miles and swum 724 meters. That doesn’t sound like much but I swim just as a cool down to the running, and anyway I have to work! All of this is pointless if I fired. That would just sink me in to a pit of depression that would destroy all progress.

All of those miles have been on the treadmill, which I am not crazy about but my joints need an extended rest. I do run on a treadmill that has a screen built in that displays running courses from all over the world as I plug along. Its kind of cool but also kind of sad. I mean, the treadmill is what it is: a giant hamster wheel for people. Let’s not pretend its anywhere near as great as running outside.

Diet-wise I’ve fallen off the wagon. Above is what I ate this afternoon. Not pictured are the two beers I had with it. Millions of empty calories, I’m sure. I did walk back and forth to the restaurant, about twenty minutes each way. According to my running app, close to 300 calories round trip. Oh, well. Totally worth it.


73 kilos.


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