Getting hurt, getting in shape and not getting pissed at the world…

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I’ve been running hurt for a long time. I can remember getting up from a chair at work almost a year ago and having my Achilles tendons scream at me for moving too much. I limped into the classroom and my student teacher at the time asked, “Are you okay?” I made a joke about the perils of staying shape as you get older. Over the summer I ran the San Francisco Half Marathon with my younger brother. The next morning I could barely stand. My calves were sensitive to the touch and it took me a good week to recover. Naturally I decided to start training for a full marathon.

While running on trails two months later I fell twice, smashing my left left and bruising it so badly the outside of my shin swelled out several inches. I finished the race and as soon as the swelling had reduced I was back at it. Furthermore I signed up for a two day three race series in early November. Because, why not? Finally one night I happened to look down at my leg and saw a yellow bruise running up from my ankle, bordered by brownish bruising. That slowed me down.

I love to run, and I want to do it for a long time. The idea of something going so wrong with my legs was horrifying. I knew I had to stop. Furthermore, I knew I had to stop using running to compensate for eating and drinking too much.

Here’s the other part of the problem: it’s fall here in western New York. That means it goes right into cold nights, colder mornings and sunset in the middle of the afternoon. “Winter is coming” is not just for House Stark: it has real impact here. Luckily we have a wide array of microbreweries and cheeses to comfort us through the season. So, winter means tighter pants and shorter runs.

But not this winter. I am going to use this recovery time to develop some better habits and try to develop some healthier eating habits. I will run (shudder) on a treadmill to minimize impact and let my tendons and muscles fully recover.

I will be tracking my progress over the next 6 months by logging my weight, meals and exercise. I suppose I might use some sort of app, but we’ll see.

Also, I’ll be posting my weight in kilos, because that’s what the world uses and why not? Also, my scale somehow got stuck on kilos and I don’t know how to switch it back.

Today: 73.3 kilos


4 thoughts on “Getting hurt, getting in shape and not getting pissed at the world…

  1. I love your line – Naturally I decided to start training for a full marathon. Makes sense to me because why not?
    I do Bikram yoga. It keeps me loose and helps my core get stronger which helps with running. Kilos? Are there Euros in your wallet now?

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