The Common Core invades my Pandora station


This is a screenshot of Pandora running on my iPhone. The pop-up ad, as you can see, is for Allendale Columbia School. Allendale Columbia is private school here in Rochester. I admit I don’t know too much about AC, but I know it caters to upper class suburban families. What is fascinating about this ad is the tagline: “The cure for the Common Core.”

If you don’t know what the Common Core Standards are, and what they mean for American education, I’m afraid I can’t go into it all without breaking my computer and/or bursting into tears. Google it. Also, if you don’t know about Common Core, shame on you! Read a newspaper!

Anyhow, back to “…the cure for the Common Core”. To me, this little ad represents wholesale failure. The CC were supposed to revitalize American education (if you buy into the whole narrative of failure in American schools, which is actually BS, but let’s leave that for a moment) by providing rigorous standards across the nation.

Now they are synonymous with over-testing, stressed out kids and pissed off parents. The people that this ad is targeting are the people that the Common Core was supposed to reassure. Instead, they are running away as fast as they can.


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