Back to running, slowly…

Okay, so the first week of this fall/winter shape-up idea has gone well. I have run a total of 12.56 miles and swum 724 meters. That doesn’t sound like much but I swim just as a cool down to the running, and anyway I have to work! All of this is pointless if I fired.¬†That¬†would […]

Stroke Buddy – my DIY reblog

This interview on WordPress brought back memories of my own stroke. I was 32 years old when I had a surprise cerebral hemorrhage that landed me in the hospital for four days. Initially I was just relieved to be okay. I recovered quickly and within a year was back to my usual activities, like running. […]

Love and Hate

“Real hate is that part of you that sees itself as eternally separate from the rest of creation. Real love is that part of you that sees everything as a seamless whole.” Shut Up and Sit Down by Brad Warner. And they are both in balance, or not, inside us all. Knowing real hate and […]