The eighth deadly sin…

…would be “joy-killing“. Synonyms in the thesaurus include “stick-in-the-mudness”, “excessive boredom inducement” and “a case of extreme stick-up-the-butt”. Perpetrators of this sin include training manual authors and many news anchors (especially of the Fox News variety).  

Roc Pride

  Last weekend I ran the San Francisco Half Marathon with my youngest brother Eric and his girlfriend. Runners were allowed to request their names on their race bibs, or whatever title they wanted. Eric had “NY585” put on his bib, 585 being the Rochester area code. A few days after getting back to Rochester, […]


When I found the book I wasn’t sure what it was exactly but it looked fun, like something I would open and read for a long time maybe even by myself. Mrs. Crowley the librarian was busy with some other kids especially Kevin who was talking about why he didn’t draw in his book even […]