Spring Tease






This weekend I ran my first race of 2014, a 15k called the Spring Forward. Since I will be running a half-marathon in a month, 15 kilometers (a bit over 9 miles) is a good test distance. The Spring Forward course is hilly too, as is the course of the half I will be doing in April, so it seemed a good preview of all the suffering to come. Mostly, I was excited to run outside on a day that wasn’t brutally cold and windy.



Also, Mom and Dad had decided to walk the shorter 2.5 mile course. Mom has been training to walk a 5k in April as well, so this was a good tune-up for her as well. And Dad, being a good sport, went along for the fun of it. 

It was a fun race and I had an acceptable time, but mostly it felt great to be outside moving in some non-horrible weather. 

Then, this morning I woke up a looked outside. And saw this. 


Look, I love winter as much as the next western New Yorker. We can’t live here without having a sense of humor about constant lake effect snowstorms and not seeing the sun four months out of the year. But this is excessive. 

Sigh. I guess I’ll get my shovel out. 


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