Why Funny Is Infuriating

President Obama went on Zach Galifianakis’ web show Between Two Ferns to promote Obamacare. Predictably Bill O’Reilly had yet another fake-rage-gasm, castigating the President for being so un-Presidential as to use mass communication tools to spread his message.

O’Reilly pointed out that Abraham Lincoln would never have done a comedic YouTube video in a time of crisis, what with Russia invading the Ukraine and all. Of course, O’Reilly conveniently left out the facts that (1) Youtube was not around in Lincoln’s era , (2) Lincoln was well known to tell jokes and stories all the time, while he managed the Civil War and (3) the bit on Between Two Ferns was hilarious.

I think that’s what really makes O’Reilly’s head spin: Obama was funny. I think that’s something O’Reilly and others like him don’t get, or they get it and they are furious cause they can’t do it…and by “it” I mean be really funny. It’s comedy jealousy, pure and simple.


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