Winter Getting to You?

ImageIf you are tired of seeing things like this every time you open the front door, you might be tempted to just stop opening the front door. I think we could all agree that this winter has gone on a bit too long. Like, Westeros-long. Cabin fever, snow sickness, hysteria, paranoia, rickets, whatever the effects may be for you, sometimes extreme measures are called for to get through the cold.

1. Explore the foreign language section of Netflix. Hey, did you know other countries make movies, and sometimes they don’t suck? Unless you’re such a knuckle-dragger you can’t read and watch images at the same time, this might be the time to check out a foreign flick. C’mon, you know you’ve already binge-watched House of Cards.War of Arrows is an medieval Korean action movie full of arrow-shooting awesomeness that makes Legolas look like a two-year-old with a slingshot. 

2. Attempt to actually understand iTunes. We plug in our i-devices and music just shows up, but do you actually know how to manage your music, upload to iCloud or what the Terms and Conditions actually say? Now is the time to learn. You may owe Steve Jobs’ ghost your soul, however. 

3. Clean out you junk drawer. Take everything out, sort your crap into different containers, buy new containers, rearrange everything. It won’t last, but you’ll feel like you accomplished something. Also, you may find something really useful that you forgot you had. like batteries or highlighters or an old letter that leads you on a treasure hunt for the Ark of the Covenant.

4. Invent a new kind of sandwich. Sure, kimchi and peanut butter sounds gross, but how do you know unless you try? Maybe if you grill it…

5. Alphabetize something. Like bookshelves, video game collections, DVDs or the contents of your refrigerator (it could be done).




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