Spring Tease

        This weekend I ran my first race of 2014, a 15k called the Spring Forward. Since I will be running a half-marathon in a month, 15 kilometers (a bit over 9 miles) is a good test distance. The Spring Forward course is hilly too, as is the course of the half […]

Why Funny Is Infuriating

President Obama went on Zach Galifianakis’ web show Between Two Ferns to promote Obamacare. Predictably Bill O’Reilly had yet another fake-rage-gasm, castigating the President for being so un-Presidential as to use mass communication tools to spread his message. O’Reilly pointed out that Abraham Lincoln would never have done a comedic YouTube video in a time […]

Cooking As A Couple

      Before I got married, I was not terribly interested in food. I mainly ate to stay alive. Of course, I enjoyed eating good food, but my parameters for good food were pretty narrow. Very “American”, as my Japanese wife would say with a kindly sneer. Growing up my parents tried to expose […]

Winter Getting to You?

If you are tired of seeing things like this every time you open the front door, you might be tempted to just stop opening the front door. I think we could all agree that this winter has gone on a bit too long. Like, Westeros-long. Cabin fever, snow sickness, hysteria, paranoia, rickets, whatever the effects […]