Part two of my story about a dog

(If anybody has an idea for a title, post it in the comments section)


The car ride home was exciting. It started when the older girl, Beth, opened the front door to the car and paused for a moment to do something with her smartphone. Raven (still not her name, but she would worry about that later) immediately leaped into the front seat. She was used to being in the lead of the pack.

Beth did not react well to this. “Dad, the damn dog is in my seat!”

“Beth watch your language in front of your sister!”

“Her name is Raven!” This was the little girl, Raven’s favorite thus far.

It took some coaxing and a handful of treats, but Raven eventually ended up in the back seat with Di, the little sister. Raven was not thrilled about this but once they got going the father rolled down the window and Raven was entranced by the wind flowing past her. Di’s little hands wound through her coarse black hair and scratched at her back in a very pleasurable way.

The car ride passed quickly for Raven, although her sense of time had always been a bit fuzzy. The father pulled into a driveway of a house at the base of a high ridge covered in evergreen trees. The driveway led to a low white bungalow that was the last house on a short cul-de-sac that was cupped by the ridge. It gave the neighborhood and shadowed, secluded feel.

Di opened her door and spilled out on to the street, babbling about beds and toys and snacks. Raven came out after her, scenting the wind as it came through the trees. There was a tang, behind the needles and squirrels. Something old and coppery, metallic and familiar to the dog that was not named Raven.

“What a dog!”

Raven swiveled and regarded the man who had spoken. He was coming out of the house across the street. He was tall and dressed for raking leaves. He paused in the yard, his eyes on Raven and smiled at Di and her sister and father.

“What’s her name, Di?”

“Raven, Mr. Bloor.” Di’s voice was small. Raven shifted around so she was between the girl and the man.

“Stevve, how are you?” This was the father, walking around the car and waving to Bloo


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